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V8 Valley Concept #1- Sheriff Vic by JayCharger V8 Valley Concept #1- Sheriff Vic :iconjaycharger:JayCharger 16 5 Warrick by metalheadrailfan Warrick :iconmetalheadrailfan:metalheadrailfan 28 4 Ghost by the Seaside by Nictrain123 Ghost by the Seaside :iconnictrain123:Nictrain123 49 5 Thomas by Nick-of-the-Dead Thomas :iconnick-of-the-dead:Nick-of-the-Dead 276 132 Edward by Nick-of-the-Dead Edward :iconnick-of-the-dead:Nick-of-the-Dead 162 36 Gordon by Nick-of-the-Dead Gordon :iconnick-of-the-dead:Nick-of-the-Dead 205 38 Henry by Nick-of-the-Dead Henry :iconnick-of-the-dead:Nick-of-the-Dead 174 51 James by Nick-of-the-Dead James :iconnick-of-the-dead:Nick-of-the-Dead 196 59 Percy by Nick-of-the-Dead Percy :iconnick-of-the-dead:Nick-of-the-Dead 99 34 Toby by Nick-of-the-Dead Toby :iconnick-of-the-dead:Nick-of-the-Dead 167 34 Oliver by Nick-of-the-Dead Oliver :iconnick-of-the-dead:Nick-of-the-Dead 184 36 Douglas by Nick-of-the-Dead Douglas :iconnick-of-the-dead:Nick-of-the-Dead 164 36 Diesel by Nick-of-the-Dead Diesel :iconnick-of-the-dead:Nick-of-the-Dead 183 60 Bill and Ben by Nick-of-the-Dead Bill and Ben :iconnick-of-the-dead:Nick-of-the-Dead 149 42 Bertie the Bus by Nick-of-the-Dead Bertie the Bus :iconnick-of-the-dead:Nick-of-the-Dead 106 30 Harold the Helicopter by Nick-of-the-Dead Harold the Helicopter :iconnick-of-the-dead:Nick-of-the-Dead 94 18

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Mayberry Sheriff's office, (Outside). Doodle. by concretecruncher38 Mayberry Sheriff's office, (Outside). Doodle. :iconconcretecruncher38:concretecruncher38 0 0 Tillie pencil sketch by concretecruncher38 Tillie pencil sketch :iconconcretecruncher38:concretecruncher38 3 6 Elvira, Mistress of the Car Park. by concretecruncher38 Elvira, Mistress of the Car Park. :iconconcretecruncher38:concretecruncher38 2 0 Fire, Smoke, And Steel by concretecruncher38 Fire, Smoke, And Steel :iconconcretecruncher38:concretecruncher38 0 0 The Vulcan Gt3 Gas Turbine engine By Nickboggia1 by concretecruncher38 The Vulcan Gt3 Gas Turbine engine By Nickboggia1 :iconconcretecruncher38:concretecruncher38 8 1 Connor By Nick Boggia1 by concretecruncher38 Connor By Nick Boggia1 :iconconcretecruncher38:concretecruncher38 2 1 Connor By Nick Boggia1 by concretecruncher38 Connor By Nick Boggia1 :iconconcretecruncher38:concretecruncher38 1 0 Hurricane By Nickboggia1-dbk2iwj by concretecruncher38 Hurricane By Nickboggia1-dbk2iwj :iconconcretecruncher38:concretecruncher38 4 0 Hurricane By Nickboggia1 by concretecruncher38 Hurricane By Nickboggia1 :iconconcretecruncher38:concretecruncher38 1 0
TOTYATR chapter 7
                                              Chapter 7
“Darn it, why’d you bring me back here?!” the girl exclaimed.
The reason for this question was simple: because while she was rendered oblivious by the feeling of the road and by the cheerful music, old Clyde was secretly scootching his way back to Spankenhiemer’s General Store.
He’d sensed that there was something bothering the chick as they’d idled by, and rather than just go with it and let the lady stay troubled he decided to return and get her to hash things out.
“Please don’t stop here.” She said, “I can’t go in there.”
At this little statement the wipers ran up, their blades bowed like questioning brows. The girl got the drift, and without even trying to lie she spilled the entire story, with the blades bending and warping in muted reply.
:iconconcretecruncher38:concretecruncher38 1 0
Half a tank chapter 6
                                            Chapter 6
Later that night, after Christine went to sleep on an old lowboy trailer, I too fizzled out.
I had to hand it to the old girl, because before bedding down, she’d scooted an old king size mattress in front of me and bulled me onto it. And with my narrow wheel track and short base, I just fit.
Of course, things were bound to change.
That night as I slept, I let my mind drift back, all the way back to the old firehouse I’d once called home, and even defended when called to do so.
Hook and Ladder No. 22, built in 1835, had weathered the great fire, and when I came on the scene from my childhood home with Dr. Schtumpfel, (the man who built me), it was serving well as a shelter for my old friend Tennessee, and my first employer Jim Douglas.
And when Jim changed work, (to my chagrin), and Tennessee went for a few yea
:iconconcretecruncher38:concretecruncher38 0 0
Christine by concretecruncher38 Christine :iconconcretecruncher38:concretecruncher38 6 0 Title page by concretecruncher38 Title page :iconconcretecruncher38:concretecruncher38 3 0
'Half a tank chapter 5
Chapter 5
“Well, it looks like we’ve met again.” said the voice. I barely cracked my eyes to see where it was coming from, and that’s when I saw that the lights had switched to the low-beams.
In behind the dull, orange light sat the machine that I’d been running from.
I still couldn’t make out too many of the details, but at the time I was too scared to get a better look anyways. The only thing I could pick up closely on was the voice that seemed to be coming from it.
It was a calm, seductive sound, like one I’d heard in an old detective movie at a Drive-In one time. And though I was fearful of my life, if the situation were to have been different, I would have been drawn instantly.
“Tell me, Stunt Man, have you got a name?” the figure asked.
“Her-Her-Heeerrrbie.” I stammered.
“Well Herbie, my name’s Christine, but from the way you’re shaking my reputation precedes me. It’s funny though, because y
:iconconcretecruncher38:concretecruncher38 0 0
Everett: renewed and (Mostly) subdued by concretecruncher38 Everett: renewed and (Mostly) subdued :iconconcretecruncher38:concretecruncher38 6 2 This is me by concretecruncher38 This is me :iconconcretecruncher38:concretecruncher38 2 1



Yes, I'd like to know if anyone has read any books by the author, Stephen King, and if you have, are you a fan?

I'm also curious as to how many people are familiar with his 1983 Classic, "Christine".


A. Of the number who've read THAT book, how many fans are there?

B. Would any of you be interested in reading a fan-story related to said?

I hope I'm not bothering anyone here. I just noticed the talks about fandoms here, and I decided to take a chance.
  I ask because I have a fanfiction story I'd like to promote, and I've not the foggiest idea of where I'm supposed to advertise it.

Y'see, I tried the thumbshare forum, and I spun my wheels.

  'Tried the critique thread in the literature forum. Squat.

I do not wish to break any rules,(at least not intentionally), but it's getting to be a pain trying to dredge the river for feedback.

And there's little traffic to the club I'm affiliated with.

So if someone could help a 24 year old geezer out, I'd be thankful.
As the title asks, has anyone read books by a man named Stephen King?

Sound off in the comments.
It can be real books, or even online fanfiction, but does anyone still read?

YouTube video titles don't count.

Me? Yes I still read. 

Also, has anyone read a book by a man named Stephen King?

BONUS QUESTIONs- Has anyone read fanfiction related to his books? And would anyone be interested in reading some that I wrote?
Hello, and Welcome.

My name is Isaac Dyer, AKA Rayford Hightower, (my pen-name).

I'm a little bit nervy posting this, but dang it, I need feedback on a project I've been working on.

NOTE- in compliance with the forum rules, I must point out that I'm not posting just to advertise myself personally.

I am only posting to advertise my work.

What is the project? Oh, its for the time listed as a fan-fiction story.

The Source Material?  That'd be Stephen King's Christine.

My story is an attempted continuation of the story, although I've mixed in a goodly amount of Alternative History.

It has been wired in such a way as to draw from both the book and the film adaptation while trying to keep things for the most part faithful.

And because my imagination runs rampant at times, it also incorporates various ingredients from other movies, as well as television shows, although not outright saying so, at least not in the story itself.

That said, I've spent seven years work on the project, going through countless rewrites, and though I've tried to promote on my own page, I've finally decided to go for the direct-drive approach.

Included is the link to the title page of my project, which is entitled, "Blood and Chrome".

If you wish to read it, I welcome the feedback. And if you wish to roast it, -then come what may.

Link -

Title page by concretecruncher38
Needed: People who still read in this day and age to provide feedback for a special project of mine. I would especially like it if someone did a critique of said project, as it would help me in the way of garnering either more feedback or publicity. Mainly feedback.


#1. Commenters must be decent in the language they use in their comment. 

#2. Said person(s) must also be familiar with the works of Stephen King, particularly his work in the eighties.

#3. Any person(s) who are also versed in older Tv shows and movies are encouraged to read as well.

#4. Readers must read the description section under the cover page before proceeding.

#5. Readers must be 18 and up.

I look forward to your replies/comments.

                                                                                                                                                                                  Signed, Isaac L. Dyer,
                                                                                                                                                                    Penname-Rayford Hightower

PS- Here is the link to the cover page-  Title page by concretecruncher38


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